Elxis installation
Elxis 5.1 Cronus rev2356

Before you begin

Create an empty database which will be used by Elxis to store your data in. We strongly recommend to use a MySQL database. Although Elxis has backend support for other database types such as PostgreSQL and SQLite 3 it is well tested only with MySQL. To create an empty MySQL database do so from your hosting control panel (CPanel, Plesk, ISP Config, etc) or from phpMyAdmin or other database management tools. Just provide a name for your database and create it. After that, create a database user and assign him to your newly created database. Make a note of the database name, the username and the password; you will need them later during install.


Elxis CMS is a free, open source software released under the Elxis Public License (EPL). To continue this installation and use Elxis you must agree to the terms and conditions of EPL. Read carefully the Elxis license and if you agree check the checkbox at the bottom of the page and click Continue. If not, stop this installation and delete Elxis files.


Set required Elxis configuration parameters. Some parameters are required to be set before Elxis installaton. After the installation is complete log in to the administration console and configure remaining parameters. This should be your very first administrator task.

The content is written in the default language. Content in other languages is translations of the original content in the default language.
Which other languages, except the default, you want to be available?
We strongly recommend to enable it. In order to work, Elxis will try to rename file htaccess.txt into .htaccess . If there is already another .htaccess file on the same folder it will be deleted.
We strongly reccomend MySQL. Selectable are only the supported drivers by your system and Elxis installer.
The default port for MySQL is 3306. Leave it as 0 for auto selection.
You can instead provide a ready-to-use Data Source Name for connecting to the database.
The absolute path to a database file if you use a database such as SQLite.
The default port for FTP is 21. Leave it as 0 for auto selection.
The relative path from the FTP root folder to Elxis installation folder (example: /public_html).